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Creating awareness on the new iconic tool case of Hilti

Pizza, pizza, pizza…

Every person who loves pizza knows the famous Pizza Hut brand.

And what’s better than their all-you-can-eat buffet to enjoy your favorite flavors during your lunch break?

Top Brands came to us to promote the buffet and elaborate a full funnel digital campaign working towards conversion.

Drive-to-store objective

In order to reach their audience with the right content and at the right moment we created a DCO campaign at the high-end of the funnel.

With a geo-targeting API we targeted people in a limited zone around every Pizza Hut restaurants. They were served a bit before and during lunch time with a personalised and interactive banner inviting them to engage with the brand with a 2-steps call-to-action.

Choose your
favorite flavour

Click and get guided
to the closest Pizza Hut

Each his own

With the strong will of developing more and more their online presence we also created short and effective conversion videos for each type of insurance product in order to be efficient at every touchpoint of the specific consumer journeys.

*The videos were edited with stock footages.

From a 30 second TVC we produced numerous different contents adapted to each audience and for each phase of the funnel.

Among Instagram stories, Youtube bumper ads, pre-rolls, dynamic creatives, … we produced more than 2000 banners and 70 videos.

There’s something for everyone.