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Creating awareness on the new iconic tool case of Hilti

Hilti is a global leader in providing technology-leading products, systems and services to the worldwide construction industry. Our partnership brings the emotion of the brand centerstage. Introducing a new tool case is an important event for the company, the different generations of tool cases are a symbol for each era and showcases their innovative way of thinking.

Creating the right video
format for the audience

Directed towards a specific targeted audience, we created a 3D animated video that breaths the HILTI brand. Using a strong voice over and up-tempo music we not only presented the benefits of the new product, but took the time to proudly look back on the history of this iconic product segment.

Creativity / Data / B2B Audience

The end result is a short video that directly speaks to the demographic
and keeps the brand top of mind.

With the strong will of developing more and more their online presence we also created short and effective conversion videos for each type of insurance product in order to be efficient at every touchpoint of the specific consumer journeys.

*The videos were edited with stock footages.