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Revolutionising Conversions through
Automated Bidding

General Context

In May 2023, Auto5 embarked on a tire campaign with the primary goal of maximizing conversions. This campaign had been running for an extended period, and to boost its performance, blue2purple sought to capitalize on our expertise in DV360 by incorporating automated bidding strategies. This case study delves into the challenges faced, the approach taken, and the remarkable results achieved through the activation of automated bidding.

Client Objective

The initial challenge centered around the decision to launch the campaign without enabling automated bidding. The reasoning behind this choice was to accumulate valuable data for the bidding algorithm. Consequently, a manual optimization phase was executed, focusing on individual line item performance for a week. This manual optimization phase successfully generated a robust dataset comprising clicks and conversions, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent activation of automated bidding. This activation empowered the bidding algorithm to autonomously adjust bids based on the real-time performance of active line items.

blue2purple strategy

Leveraging our extensive experience with automated bidding, we introduced this strategy to Auto5, highlighting the numerous benefits it would bring to the campaign. We took charge of campaign management, ensuring the delivery of the expected conversion results. Their approach involved a seamless transition from manual optimization to automated bidding, the potential for campaign success.


The decision to implement automated bidding triggered a monumental transformation in the campaign’s performance.

Specifically, the activation of automated bidding resulted in an astounding 722% increase in conversions, a remarkable leap from the 31 conversion generated without automated bidding.

This substantial surge in conversions underscored the profound impact of automated bidding on overall campaign performance, accompanied by a remarkable 160% increase in impressions.


The Auto5 and blue2purple case study exemplifies the remarkable prowess of automated bidding in elevating campaign performance. The strategic blend of manual data accumulation and automated bidding activation yielded unprecedented results. This success story underscores the effectiveness of automated bidding strategies when employed by seasoned professionals, leading to a staggering increase in conversion rates, impressions, and overall campaign triumph.