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World Cup 2022: Choose your team!

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Pizza Hut has long been dedicated to providing an exceptional dining experience for its customers. But here’s something more: did you know that this beloved brand also shares common values with a widely cherished sport, soccer? This was the starting point for Pizza Hut, in the fervor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, to decide not to only cater to football fans, but also position the brand as the ultimate companion for the sport.

Their objectives were clear:

  • Boost online sales through their e-shop,

  • Successfully introduce the Pizza Burger with a powerful branding,

  • Solidify their status as the top choice for football enthusiasts,

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To reach these goals, blue2purple crafted a campaign strategy divided into three distinct phases

Phase 1

Brand awareness: Establishing Pizza Hut as the ultimate partner for the 2022 World Cup, while introducing the Pizza Burger to create awareness and bolster the brand’s image

Phase 2

Engagement: Launching the captivating Foo(d)t Party contest, stimulating consumer engagement, and driving e-shop sales with a minimum purchase requirement of €40.

Phase 3

Boost sales: Emphasizing product sales by showcasing ideal football match-sharing products and further driving purchases through the e-shop.

By managing the whole campaign, from media strategy to creative direction, blue2purple delivered an innovative and powerful campaign.

The core idea revolved around uniting two competing fan bases – burger enthusiasts and pizza lovers. The question posed was simple but intriguing: which meal is better for enjoying a match – a pizza or a burger?

By creating these two teams with their own unique identities and rivalries, blue2purple helped position the Pizza Burger as the common ground that brought them together.

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with Pizza Hut

The Pizza Burger became a symbol of unity, emphasizing the significance of sharing a meal and fostering togetherness during the World Cup. The Foo(d)t Party contest further underscored the value of shared experiences, positioning Pizza Hut not just as a pizza brand but as a promoter of friendship, family, and sportsmanship.

The campaign’s media selection perfectly targeted the ideal audience of sports enthusiasts and foodies. Utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, along with dynamic and stop-motion videos, allowed for precise audience targeting and effective engagement. The contest on social media provided opportunities for increased visibility and interaction with the brand.


The campaign was resounding success, enhancing brand awareness, boosting sales, and effectively engaging consumers.

Online sales soared, with December marking the month of highest average order valuer for Pizza Hut.

12,632 Pizza Burgers were sold via their website.

The foo(d)t Party contest alone drew almost 10,000 participants, garnering around 40,000 page views for the contest page.

Pizza Hut’s World Cup campaign effectively engaged consumers, with social media playing a key role in the campaign’s success, boosting the brand’s sales during the 2022 World Cup.

In addition to its commercial goals, Pizza Hut aimed to solidify its reputation as a socially responsible brand by aligning with an inclusive and teamwork-oriented marketing campaign during the international sporting event. This comprehensive marketing approach helped Pizza Hut strengthen its market presence, foster loyalty among existing customers, and attract new ones through its innovative strategy.