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Miele’s Remarkable Journey:

Achieving Brand Excellence and Unprecedented Growth

Driving online sales through advertising on Media Markt

2021 Building Brand Desire

In the dynamic world of consumer appliances, Miele set out on a journey in 2021 with a clear mission: strengthen its brand presence and reinforce its position as a leading name in the industry. This mission was fuelled by the objective of enhancing Brand Awareness and Brand Desire among its target audience.

The approach

blue2purple developed a straightforward yet effective strategy: activate a comprehensive mix of online and offline media channels to resonate with a diverse audience. We leveraged the power of traditional media, including print and radio, while also embracing the opportunities offered by digital advertising through targeted display and social ads.

The result?

A positive evolution in Brand health scores, making Miele a more recognizable and desirable brand for consumers.

Miele’s challenge for the upcoming years is to build a future proof e-commerce strategy. Miele is a brand that historically worked only via distribution partners, marking the launch of e-commerce a double challenge:

  • Don’t break their relationship
    with existing distributors
  • Build their future by launching
    e-commerce via their website

Marketplaces owned by distributors represent a new way of advertising for e-commerce and maintaining long time relationships between parties.

2022 Building on Success
and Going Further

As the calendar flipped to 2022, Miele was not content with merely maintaining the status quo. The goal for the year was to continue capturing consumer consideration by demonstrating how Miele’s appliances could simplify and enrich their daily lives.

The Approach

Data reuse
blue2purple leveraged the valuable insights gathered in 2021, enabling Miele to integrate data-driven decision-making into its marketing approach.
Research-Informed Strategy
blue2purple conducted extensive research to develop a robust media strategy that would precisely target the right audience with the right message.

Activated Media Channels


Traditional methods like TV, radio, and print remained in the mix, along with influencer endorsements that resonated with Miele’s target audience.


Miele embraced the digital landscape with video, display, social media advertising, and dedicated mailings to reach consumers where they spent much of their time.

Trends in Motion

Short Form and
User-Generated Content:

Influencer marketing took center stage, with short-form and user-generated content providing authentic and engaging touchpoints with the audience.

Creativity Matters

Creativity was the driving force, bridging the gap between online and offline experiences, ensuring a unified brand identity.

Sound Matters

Audio played a significant role in capturing consumer attention and fostering an emotional connection with the brand.

First-Party Data

By consolidating their approach, Miele gained a treasure trove of first-party data, allowing them to create personalized, cross-channel experiences for their audience.

Trends in Motion

Miele’s unwavering commitment to innovation and a consolidated, data-driven approach led to a remarkable 17% increase in net sales year-over-year. This substantial growth validated their strategy and underscored the effectiveness of their brand-building efforts.

Miele’s journey from strength to strength exemplifies the power of a dynamic media strategy, reinforced by data insights and creativity. The brand continues to stand out in the competitive world of consumer appliances, with an engaged and loyal customer base.