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General Context

Bemini, a well-established Belgian brand specializing in baby products, had earned a strong reputation in its home market. However, the brand’s recognition in France, despite years of presence through its e-shop and retail partners, had yet to reach the same level of success. The primary goal of this campaign was to raise awareness, with a particular focus on the city of Paris. The campaign aimed to target various Parisian districts and suburbs while also engaging a specific demographic interested in baby products, including pregnant women and parents of young children.

Client Objective

Bemini’s core objective was to enhance brand recognition and product visibility in the competitive French market, particularly in Paris.

Our strategic approach

To achieve this goal, we adopted a targeted strategy focused on the B2C approach. The aim was to establish genuine links with our target audience and communicate the unique benefits of our wide range of chemical-free, Oeko-Tex-certified baby products. The products range from bath cape to travel ponchos and crib sheets, not forgetting the flagship Magic Bag.

The campaign strategically harnessed the expansive reach of platforms like YouTube, Meta, and DV360. Each of these platforms played a vital role in amplifying Bemini’s messaging and effectively promoting their products to a broader online audience. Through synergistic utilization, these platforms contributed significantly to the campaign’s overall success.

Companies and Their Roles/Responsibilities in the Campaign

In the orchestration of the campaign, various entities played crucial roles and shouldered distinct responsibilities:

Bemini and blue2purple wielding influence over the campaign’s direction. They were entrusted with defining the campaign’s overarching objectives, shaping the brand message, and providing essential resources to fuel its execution. Mozoo emerged as a key player in the campaign, acting as the advertising partner. Their responsibilities extended to the creation of compelling and impactful ad creatives. Additionally, Mozoo played a crucial role in selecting suitable sites for ad placements and ensuring precise targeting strategies, thereby maximizing the campaign’s reach to the intended audience


The campaign exceeded all expectations and can be deemed a real success. The visibility rate for all formats combined on Mozoo reached an impressive 72.96%, surpassing industry benchmarks. Furthermore, the inStream format on YoutTube achieved an exceptional Video Through Rate (VTR) of 93.52%. The campaign also exceeded expectations on Meta and Display platforms, contributing to Bemini’s growing presence in the French market.

In conclusion, the success of the campaign demonstrates that the right choice of media is essential. We selected those that best matched our objective. Bemini’s journey to becoming a recognisable brand in France continues, building on the momentum generated by this successful campaign.